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In Memory of Super Dave, 1990 - 2005

“If you have any questions, please give us a call”, the veterinary nurse said.

She went back, carefully lifted the feline patient out of the kennel and gently escorted him to his carrying cage on the floor. She lifted the cage – quite heavy for only one cat, and presented it to the owner in the waiting room.

“Thank you, good bye “ the owner lugged the heavy cage out to his car and was just starting their trip home on the highway when a loud chorus of unimpressed meows came from the cage.

“What in the world!”, the owner thought and immediately pulled the car over to investigate.  Two upset black and white cats stared back at him through the door of the cage.  The client returned to the clinic promptly to return one cat.

Super Dave, our clinic cat had crawled into the carrying case on the floor to take a nap, and was probably quite rudely awaken when a second black and white cat was introduced into the cage with him.

Ah, Dave you did make us laugh!!

A long time ago, an adorable black and white kitten was dropped off at the Belleway Veterinary Hospital . He had a birth defect which affected his balance and the new owners were reluctant to deal with it. He was slated for euthanasia. The staff immediately fell in love with him and asked his owner if they could keep him as a clinic pet which they did.

Dave was anything but an average clinic cat. Born with cerebellar hypoplasia, Dave walked with a stagger like he'd had one too many.  His handicap didn't deter the small kitten. He ran as fast as kittens do, would lose his balance and crash, mainly into walls. He was, therefore dubbed SuperDave after the famous and accident-prone television stuntman. Dr.  Kim  even fashioned a crash helmet for him made from a large syringe case cap tied on with some gauze. He loved Dr. Kim as she was always sewing costumes for him and dressing him up.  Grrr….eat!

While Dave was an indoor cat, he dreamed of super adventures outdoors. Often, he we would catch him playing in the clinic flowerbeds. Somehow, he would manage to slip out under the client's feet and, like a young heifer let out to pasture in the spring, would frolick down the sidewalk. It was more like an exuberant run with a wobble.    Mice came to visit Dave thinking they would be safe around him.  One day, while a mouse sat jeering at him, Dave caught the mouse which surprised us all including of course the mouse! We always thought that Dave would zig when mice zagged.

Loved by many of our clients Dave was constantly accepting attention and many, many gifts especially around the holidays. He was often a VIP guest at Dr. Craig's home for Christmas, and he visited schools and 4-H clubs for educational lectures.

In his earlier years Dave saved many lives by being our feline blood donor.

Dave was the Belleway greeter, welcoming clients and pets in the reception area. When he was busy tending to the sick and surgery animals at the back, people were always inquiring about his whereabouts. Dave was compensated for his years of dedication with free food, housing and Medicare. By 2005, he was the 3 rd longest serving employee of the practice.

It is with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts that we must inform our clients and good friends that on Tuesday, August 23/05 Super Dave Osborne, our clinic cat of 15 years passed away. As with humans, animals with disabilities can live full happy lives, and SuperDave was most definitely a good example to one and all that it could be done.

We miss you Dave, we love you and we'll never forget you.